Saturday, January 12, 2013


Welcome to my blog!
I am very excited to share with you my photos and creative projects I do with my American Girl Dolls.
I recently went to the American Girl store for a friends birthday party.

We had SO much fun!

American Girl thinks of every detail.
After we finished eating we all set out to shop.
It took us a while to decide what to buy. My Aunt and Uncle gave me an American Girl gift card for Christmas, and I could not wait to spend it!!
I finally decided to get Kit's reporter set. Last year when I went, I bought her reporter dress.
This set of accessories is so neat.
The camera has a lot of detail to it. It almost looks real!
Her pen has a lid to it.  At first I wasn't expecting it to open.
Once I opened it I was taken back with how real it looks.  It
even has her name on it.
Of course every reporter needs a notebook.
The set also came with a bundle of ten newspapers.
Kit's story is right on the front page too!
This mini newspaper looks like a real one.
Before we left, we spotted some really cute T-shirts.  They had enough that were just the right size for 
all of us. So we all got matching shirts. 
It was a great day, filled with giggles and chatter of friends.


  1. I am enjoying your blog, Bessie Girl! Looking forward to your next writing. :)

  2. this is wonderful. Congratulations on your blog. You sound like you might have some Kit in you ! I love the flower background with just a touch of lace around your blog. I also like your header.

  3. Hi Bess!

    That looks like a lot of fun, I love your pictures! Kit's reporter set is one of my favorites, everything looks so real. I look forward to seeing more posts from you!!

    Your Friend,