Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Newspaper

After school, Felicity decided to look at the newspaper.  She didn't look at which paper she had picked up, she just started reading it.

She saw an article that got her attention.

"Hey girls, listen to this," she said.
"Children give blood to aid fight on dread disease.  Serum will be made in city laboratory."
"Felicity."  Kit said.
But Felicity continued.
"Some children who have had infantile paralysis, known medically as acute anterior poliomyelitis were voluntary patients in the clinic of the Children's Hospital, Tuesday, to have blood extracted from their veins.  The blood is to be-"
"Felicity!" Kit yelled again.

"All right! What do you want?"
"I've been trying to tell you that you're reading a copy of a newspaper from the 30's"
"Oh, oops.  I guess it is."

"You know,  I think I feel a little dumb."


  1. not dumb ,just in the wrong time zone !

  2. That was cute, Bessie Girl...keep them coming. :)