Thursday, April 4, 2013

Felicity Tries To Paint Eggs

Over the Easter weekend, Felicity tried to paint some eggs.  This was the first time that she ever did it and she thought that since everyone else made it look easy, that it would be!  However, she found out that it wasn't at all.
  So, enjoy reading Felicity's "How To Paint Eggs" post.
Today  I'm going to show you how to paint Easter eggs.  
*This is my very first time doing this, so I don't know how this is going to go.*
Let's get started.
First you need to boil your eggs in a pot of water.  Be sure to keep your eye on them so you don't over boil them.

After that is done, the really fun part comes!   Get your paints out and start painting your eggs.
I'm going to try to put stickers on them so there is a cute decoration!

Okay, so my stickers didn't STICK!  How in the world do they do this?
Instead I'll just paint it red and blue and add polka dots!
So, for egg number two we will add tape to it and maybe there will be a cool design.

Okay, so as you can see, that did not turn out right!
I think I'm about to go crazy!
I'm just going paint it yellow and add a design of my own!
Here it is!

Ha!  That's ALL I'm doing, and I think I'll just eat the rest of the eggs that I boiled!

Hope your egg painting went better than mine.

Well, hope you had fun reading about Felicity and her egg painting.

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  1. Felicity gave it a good try! She needs a napkin for her mouth :)