Friday, August 2, 2013

My New "Toy"

Introducing my new "toy"!

I"ve been playing the violin for almost five years now.  I really enjoy music.
A lady at our church plays the mandolin very well.  She's been playing since she was 12.  She told us that the strings and fingering are very much like the violin.  I kept thinking that I would like to learn to play.  

This week I started looking at Craigslist.  Most of them were over $200 dollars.  
I found this one for $40.  They said it plays okay and it needs new strings.
I was hesitant to look at it.

My mom did some research about it.  People said it was a pretty good one for a beginner.  Someone said it has a loud sound.
So, we went to look at it.
The guy got it out and strummed it.
It had a great full, loud sound.  It sounded like the one that I looked at in the music store for about $199.
I bought it!
It's great for $40!!


  1. Can't wait to hear you play it, Bessie Girl!!! Great buy! <3

  2. How fun!!!! I'd love to hear what it sounds like!