Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New Wagon

One fall afternoon Felicity and Kirsten were walking home from school and they found a red wagon sitting out for trash.
"Ooo, this would be perfect to put Coconut in!" Kirsten said.
Felicity grabbed the wagon and they walked the rest of the way to their house.
When they reached the house they ran inside and put their schoolbags in their room.
Kirsten went and got Coconut, then together they went outside.

They pulled her over to the grass and stood on the top of the hill.

"On the count of three, we will push her down the hill.  One...two.."
"Wait!"  Felicity cried.
"Well, I remember once when I was pushed down a hill in a wagon.  As soon as I reached the bottom I TIPPED!  We wouldn't want that to happen to her."
"Oh, don't worry.  Its not a steep hill and she can't go really fast."
"Oh, alright.  Go ahead."
"One, two" (long pause) "THREE!"

They watched her roll down the hill.



  Down she went.   She started to go too fast!
        Suddenly a voice sounded.      
"Girls!  Where is Coconut?  I need to take her on a walk!"  They heard Josephina calling.
"AHH!!  Catch the dog!"  Kirsten yelled.

Felicity lunged towards the wagon.
"I got it!"  she said.
"Phew!  That wagon was going faster than I thought," said Kirsten.  "Josephina may have been walking a dog with a broken arm, leg, nose, rib, tooth, eye or maybe even a-"
Felicity stopped her,"  I don't think she could have broken her tooth or her eye.  Besides, how could she walk a dog if it had all those problems?  But I told you, we shouldn't of pushed her down the hill.  Next time, lets just pull her in the wagon."
My mom found this wagon at a yard sale for fifty cents!
I hope you enjoyed the story!
Here are a few more pictures of Coconut in the wagon.
She's so cute!


  1. Love the pictures. Glad coconut was ok but I think she enjoyed the ride.

  2. Super cute. A nice photo story with a good lesson too.

  3. Beautiful pictures & story! Keep them coming. :) <3