Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Felicity's Walk Through the Garden

The weather here is starting to feel so much like Fall weather.  It's hard to believe that September is almost over.
I made a doll skirt the other night with some fall colors in it!

Felicity felt like she was in a "Fall mood", so she decided to wear it.
She took a walk through the garden. The sun felt nice and warm on her face. 

She was admiring the lovely flowers.

They looked and smelled so wonderful, she decided to pick a few.  

She had a lovely evening out in the sun and in the nice fall feeling weather.


  1. That's a very pretty outfit she is wearing.

  2. Bessie girl I love your Blog :)

  3. Beautiful pictures & story, Bessie Girl! Happy to see you are using my old dress already. :) Keep up the great blogging, picture taking & making & creating things for your American Girl Dolls. <3