Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Labor Day

On Labor day my family and I went to a church in Reading, PA to see the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team.
We have a lot of their Cd's and enjoy listening to them.
We went on "family night".
They played a lot of fun games.  At the end of the games, they played a few songs.
All of the musicians are so talented.  

The time flew by too fast.

However, my highlight was at the very end.  We were standing in the foyer, and we asked Allison if she had any tips for double stops (playing two strings at the same time.) 

 This is something that I'm trying to conquer but having a hard time at doing so.
She was telling me some things while working at the book table.  Then she said, "Would you like to play my violin?"  She told the other person that was working the book table that she was going to go into the auditorium.  
Allison has such a sweet and friendly spirit.  She was very generous of her time.
We had a great time playing together!

I'm very thankful for her tips!


  1. That is wonderful! I'm glad you had fun and got some great tips as well.

  2. That's so cool! So have you now mastered double stops? :)