Friday, November 8, 2013

I Love PicMonkey!

For my photos that I edit, I use Picmonkey.  It's free and really easy to use.  They have a lot to choose from too.
Here is a photo that I didn't edit.

I didn't like how washed-out it looked.  So, I went on to Picmonkey just to play around with it some.
I'll show you what I did.
First I went into exposure and took the brightness down to -34.

It already looks better!  But I did even more. 
Under exposure again,  I went into shadow and brought it down to about 30-35.

It gives it the kind of look they have in the photography studios.
Next,  I went to "Effects" and chose the "Dusk" setting at 30%.  It kind of gives it a Sepia look.

Then to finish it off, I cropped it.

How do you like it?  It doesn't even look like the first picture I showed! 
I love Picmonkey.


  1. I'm glad you are interested in photography. You do great work, Bessie Girl! <3

  2. Cool! I've been using for some things. I may try Picmonkey now too. Thank you for the information.

  3. NEAT!!! I haven't tried picmonkey yet. Now I want to! :)