Thursday, August 14, 2014

Doll Notebook

Is your doll in need of a new notebook?
Today I am going to show you how to make a washi-tape covered book for her!

First you will need a piece of card-stock paper.  Cut it out to be 2 and three-fourth inches tall by 4 and one-fourth inches long.  Next, you want to cut about 5 sheets of paper a little bit smaller than that.  Fold them in half and staple in the middle.

Now it is time to decorate it!  Choose your washi-tape.  You can use as many different ones as you like, but I am going to use two.

Start by placing your first piece as seen in the image below.

Keep going until you reach the bottom.

Next you want to cut the edges of your book so that they are all about the same size.

Fold them in.

Then wrap them around the corner.

For the back, do the same thing.  Try to keep your tape lined up with the front one.  It will make your book look cleaner.

Once that is finished, cut a piece that is longer than your book.  Place it in the middle and fold it down.

Cut your ends and fold them over again.

Of course your book is not complete without a pencil!  Take a toothpick and cut one side off.  Color the other point using a pencil.  That will be your 'pencil tip'.
Then, take a piece of tape and wrap it around your toothpick.