Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Photo Tip Tuesday- Week 7

I want to share a few tips this week about taking portraits.
I am no professional, but I have learned these from doing the mistakes myself.
I was asked to take pictures of couples at a banquet one time.
While reviewing the images, I wished that I had paid closer attention to some things

Tip 1- Watch the Clothes.

So, you have the perfect picture of someone.  You love the angle and the pose, but you look at the clothes, and think to yourself, " Why didn't I tell them to fix their shirt collar?"

Take a good five seconds to study the clothes of your subjects before you take their picture.
They would rather you say something to them instead of getting their picture and realizing that their clothes aren't nice.

Tip 2- Watch the Limbs

Yes, this may sound kinda funny, but it is very important.  While framing your subject, don't stop it at joints.  This can result in some very strange looking pictures.  Also, be aware of this if you are cropping them.

Tip 3- Play With the Sun.

One of the best times to take pictures is when the sun is lower.
This adds a lot to your pictures. However, for the best pictures, you want the sun to be behind your subject.
Also, watch for shadows on your subjects.

Tip 4-  Get Down Low

You can get very creative if you get down low with your subject. 
Don't be afraid to move around and shoot at different angles.
My brother took this picture, and I think that it is very cool!

Tip 5- Take More Than One Shot.

As your subjects are moving around and talking, don't be afraid to take pictures.  Natural shots can be the best for memories:)  
Also, it gives the people you are taking pictures of more of a variety to choose from.

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  1. Those are great tips. I get so annoyed when sitting for a professional photographer and they don't take two second to say, "you have a stray lock of hair that needs to be fixed." or something like that. :)