Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's a White Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
We got about six inches of snow yesterday.  This morning my brother and I went out to take some pictures.  It was so beautiful.  The pictures don't really do it justice.

God's creation is one of the many things that I am thankful for!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Felt Flowers

I just love making flowers out of paper and fabric. 
Well, today I want to share a really easy way to make flowers out of felt.

~hot glue

Your first step will be to cut a square of your felt.  The size is all up to you.  I usually do mine about 5"x 5".
When you cut it out, you want to cut it as I have shown in the picture below.  This will give your flower more character.

After that you will start gluing and rolling.

It is complete!
See, very simple and quick!
They make for very cute hair-clips!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Final Photo Tip Tuesday- Week 10

Wow.  I can't believe that this is the last week.  It went by so fast!
Well, this final week we will be talking about photo editing!!!
There are many free sites that you can edit photos on.  
I use Picmonkey
They have the option of upgrading to Royale.  I haven't done this because they have so many free options that are great! They also have the option of doing a collage.
I can guarantee you, that if you aren't already using this, you will love it!
I also have Photoshop Elements 12.  This takes a long time to learn, and I am slowly--did I say slowly? getting the hang of it.  
But today I want to talk about Picmonkey.
Here is a picture that I haven't edited yet.

When you go into effects, you will see Orton.  This is one of my favorite:)
I use this on almost all of my landscape and portraits.

One of the nice things about Picmonkey is that you can choose how much of the effect you want.
So don't click on one effect and not like it.  Play with it some.
Here is the picture with the same effect, but a little bit more faded.

One thing I like to do after using Orton is to use the Dusk effect or a little black and white.

With Dusk Effect
You can also add text to your picture.
They have a bunch of fonts to choose from!

There are so many other effects and things that you can use, so go play around with it!

Well, I really hope that you all enjoyed these tips, and I hope they have helped you some.
Please comment below if you have any questions at all.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Photo Tip Tuesday- Week 9

Many of you may have the option of setting your ISO on your camera.
Some may wonder, "What does this do to effect my pictures?"
Well, you may notice that when you set this to a lower number and it is darker, your pictures will be blurry.
Many newer cameras have the option of setting yours REALLY high.  Mine goes up to a Hi 2-over 6400.
You can set your ISO to Auto, which I normally do when shooting.  However, if you want to shoot in Manual mode, you are going to be setting your ISO.

So, what do the lower numbers mean and what do the higher numbers mean?
When shooting with a lower number, say 160, and it is bright and sunny, your pictures will be good.
Now, lets shoot with that same number on a dark, rainy day.  You aren't going to have that clear image.  Instead, it may be a little or a lot blurry.

When you have a lower number, your camera isn't as sensitive to the light as it is when you have a higher number.
Your shutter speed will be slower, so when you shoot, your camera will take every little bit of shake in your hands.  Setting your camera on a tripod will help with this.

So, now lets set it to a higher number.  It's bright and sunny again.  Your ISO is set to 1000.  You keep taking pictures and you think they are beautiful!  But, you notice that when you look back at them, your pictures looks very grainy.

It was too high.
I did this before.  I took some beautiful- so I thought- pictures.  Then, I came inside, and I noticed that my ISO setting was still bumped up really high.  What did I have?  Grainy pictures.

So, play around with it a little and you will get the hang of it.  I still am, but I thought I'd share a really brief idea of setting your ISO.

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