Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is It Wednesday- Week 4

Last week I had explained a little bit about the Information button.
On some cameras, while viewing your pictures, you can press that button and the information about that image will show up.
I want to talk about four things that are normally on you LCD when you are shooting.
You can press the Information button and change the following things by using your arrows and "OK" button:

~Flash mode-which I showed a much easier and faster way of doing this here. If you wanted to do it this way instead, just choose the flash icon on your screen and different options will show up that you can choose from.  As I said before, these will be different depending on the mode you are shooting in.

~Quality and size of your image.  This is totally up to the way you want your images.  I have always shot in Fine.  I tried Raw a couple months ago, but let's just say..... that didn't quite go over too well.
I also have the size of my images on Medium.  The amount of images on your memory card will vary with the size of your images.  For example, I have 550 pictures on my card right now.  I have my size set to Medium and I have 5.3k pictures left that I can take.  If I set it to Large, I  would have 3.0k left and on Small, I would have 11.7k.  So, it is all up to you.

~ISO- I explained a little bit about this in this post. Also, something that I have learned is that you cannot control your ISO in Auto or No Flash modes.

~Release Mode.  You may see a little rectangle with the letter 's' in it.  This stands for single frame.  If you see a couple of rectangles together, this would be continuous.  You could take multiple shots really quick with this one.  Another one is self-timer.  The last would be a remote.  By the way, I was able to buy a remote for my camera with my Christmas money.  It's so helpful!

You may also see "AF or MF"  This stands for Auto Focus and Manual Focus.
This is what we will be talking about next week as their is a lot to discuss!  So, be sure to come back!

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  1. This is really, really helpful for me! I know some of the icons that pop up, but there are still some that I do not know. I can't wait to see the Auto and Manual Focus post next week! :D

    xoxo Morning