Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Washi Tape Glass Jars

Washi Taped glass jars are very easy to do!  They are also make cute gifts.

Have you ever tried to Washi Tape a glass jar, but found it hard to keep your tape straight while going all around the jar?
I have a tip to help you with that!
All you need is a Sewing Gauge.  You could use a ruler as well, but I found this easier.

Once you place your tape where you want it, take your sewing gauge and measure out the distance that you want it.  Now as you go around your jar, you can make sure that you keep the same distance apart from the other tape.  No more crooked tape!!!

Also, if you would like to see how to make the flowers that I added to the jars, click here.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Gift

Last week I had a small surgery on my toe.  This week I had to go back for a follow-up.  As dad and I were gone, mom and my brothers went to the grocery store.
When I got home, I went to finish up my Geometry work.
I heard the rest of the family coming in the door from grocery shopping.  After a little while I heard my brothers calling me.  So I went up to the kitchen to see what they wanted.
Mom said, "They got this for you."
I turned and looked at the kitchen table to see what they got.  I thought it would be a special food or a joke (they are brothers of course).

But I saw an Orchid.
I've always wanted an Orchid.  Every time we would walk into the store and see them, I'd admire them, and my brothers and I would talk about the different ones.

The one that they picked out was the very type that I wanted.

They said that it was for my toe as a Get Well:)

Of course, they didn't really want to admit that they were excited to pick it out, or, "It was So and So's idea, and I just........", you get the idea.

Right now it is sitting on my desk up in my room, brightening up the gloomy winter days.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Is It Wednesday- Week 5

Wow, it's already the last week of What Is It Wednesday.
As I said last week, we were going to talk about Auto and Manual Focus.
So, on your lens you may see the letters AF and MF.  These stand for Auto Focus and Manual Focus.  When you have it on Auto Focus, the camera will find a subject to focus on automatically.  For some of you, this may be what you have been using because you didn't even know that you could do it manually.  I was using Auto for about three months until I figured this whole Manual and Auto thingy out:)

Now, on your LCD you can see this as well.  If you select manual focus on your LCD, but have it on Auto focus on the lens, you still have to do it manually. PLEASE do not force the focus ring.  This turns very easily and does not take force.  If you do force it, you can mess a lot up.
I keep mine on AF-A and I can switch back and forth without changing it on my LCD.

On your LCD, you can change a couple things while having it on Auto focus.
Here are a few things that you can do:
~Single Points- for stationary subjects
~Dynamic Area
~3D tracking
~Auto Area- the camera detects subjects and selects focus points.

When I am videoing, I always have my focus set to Manual.  On Auto it is always trying to find a new focus point. Then, when you play back the video, all you can hear is the squeaking of the focus.

As you can also see bellow the AF and MF, there are the letters, VR.  This stands for Vibration Reduction.  This is basically to reduce blur from a lot of movement.  This would be a good thing to always have on:)

I hope you enjoyed the five weeks of What Is It Wednesday!
If you have any questions, please comment bellow.

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