Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Great Deal

As many of you know, I love photography and, well, cameras:)  I also love antique cameras.  I've never owned any of my own until now.  
We were at an antique store this weekend.  Whenever we are at antique stores I'm always looking for antique cameras or old photography equipment.  Well today my brother pointed one out to me.  It was closed and sitting next to it's case.

Since it was on a shelf behind the counter, we didn't know how much it was.  He told me that I should ask.  I was going to but then got too shy.  I thought that it might be too expensive anyway, so I was just going to let it go.  Well, he walked up to the lady and asked for me:)  She went over and took it off the shelf.  Then she told us that it was $25.00.

I've never seen one for less than $45, so I was sort of stunned.  Then she let us try to open it.  She had no idea how to work it, so it was all up to us to figure it out.  I was praying to myself that we wouldn't break it and that it would look really nice.  

Finally we figured it out.

I was shocked with how great it looked.
By the way, all of these pictures were taken before I cleaned it up.

Next we had to figure out if it could slide open.  We finally figured that out too:)

Mom and I started talking.  I told her that I only had $21.  We were going back and forth with each other.  Then the lady showed us a text on her phone.  She asked the guy that was selling it if he would take $20 for it.  He agreed and with the tax, the total came to $21.20!

I believe that it is still in working condition, but I need to order special film for it.

 Now I have a camera like Kit Kittredge's.


  1. Neato!!! What a great find!! Isn't it fun when we wait and God gives just the perfect one at the right time. :)

  2. All I can say is, God Is Good!!! :)

  3. Seriously, SO neat!! :D Even if it doesn't work, so neat to carry around or use for decor for your room. ;)

  4. FABULOUS find! So very interesting and a perfect piece for your collection!

  5. ...I LOVE vintage things--especially cameras :) thank you for commenting on my photography blog! Your pictures are good!