Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Vintage Camera Find

My brother and I were scrolling through Craigslist looking for some vintage cameras.  We were not expecting to find anything in our price range, but we came across something neat.

Four cameras all for $10.00. 

 We thought that maybe somebody had already bought them, but we called the person anyway.  He got back to us and said that he still had all four, but they weren't in working condition.  So, we went to take a look at them.  One was a Polaroid from the 90's which we both don't really care about:)  The other two are a Bell and Howell Canonet 19 and Agfa Isolette 1, which are the ones that my brother has.  The one that I got is a Hanimex Praktica Nova 1b slr made in East Germany.  The lens is a little beat up and it's still dirty, even after I cleaned it...........I need to keep working on that.  For the price that I payed though, I don't mind that:)

Here are some pictures before I gave it a little cleanup.  Sorry they aren't that great....I was just taking a couple so I could see some before and after of my cleaning:)

After the cleanup.