Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Fifteen Minuets

We went into the city to drop off a drawing that my brother did at the library.  I so wanted to take pictures, but dad said we could only spend a couple of minutes after we dropped his drawing off.  I was fine with that, but it was rainy that day and I was afraid that it would be raining by the time we got out of the library.  But it was perfect.  The sun came out and was shining right on the block where we parked our van. I snapped non-stop for about fifteen minutes and I'm very happy with the pictures.


  1. Bethany, beautiful pictures!!! Great job! :))

  2. what a great eye you have . Love you Bessie Girl

  3. These are lovely, Bethany! My favorite is the black and white one :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, I absolutely love that one too.

  4. I like what you choose to take pictures of...all of them are unique.

  5. Sooo nice! I love them all...so artistic! I love the grave stone picture and the black and white one especially. :)