Monday, December 2, 2013

"Oh Christmas Tree!"

It's time to decorate the Christmas tree! 
 The girls were very excited to get started.
Josephina and Kirsten brought the tree in and started to fluff it up a bit.

Kit and Felicity were in charge of getting the ornaments out.
They aren't the type to have all of the same type of ornaments.  They all have different ornaments that they like on the tree.

Kit's favorite one has Donald Duck on it!

They went through the box, pulling out all the different ornaments.
Laughter was filling the air about other Christmas tree decorating times.  They remembered the time that the tree fell over while Kit was trying to put the star on top, sipping Hot-Coco under the tree, and watching the snow-flakes fall. 

Finally, all the lights and decorations were on the tree.  They stepped back to look at it all.

Now they waited while Kirsten plugged the lights in.

When she plugged it in,  the room looked so cozy.

   The lights reflected in their eyes.  
It's one of their favorite seasons.

While getting the dolls ready for this post, two of my brothers were in my bedroom.  I had doll stuff spread all over my floor, and they were joking around.  I was behind the wall to my doll room, so I wasn't really paying attention to what they were doing.  I looked up over the wall to see the top of the Christmas tree already decorated by my brothers.
They left my room, and I went to place the dolls inside the doll room.  I looked down at the tree and noticed that they had it decorated it even more :)